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Dead game


Was it ever really alive?  it never exceeded more than 150 patrons and after Melissa's route it went on life support.


In all honesty, it had a slight glimmer to be a decent game, but the dev flat out murdered that.

Now it serves as a shining example of how not to make games.  I eagerly await this thing to finally be posted up on and make it's grandiose debut to Steam so they can rip it to shreds. I actually may be waiting for that more than I am the game (and I'm not).


Well, even if it really is dead, it still has +/- 15 hours of perfectly good content. 

Most abandoned projects get abandoned long before putting in that much effort.

Still, I'd prefer if it weren't dead so I'm just putting it on my long-term follow list. Along with the dozens of other interesting-but-on-Hiatus projects.

every once in a while, some old thing I nearly forgot about completely still releases an interesting update a decade later.


"perfectly good" is way too generous to describe the actual content.


A little generous perhaps xD

I'm probably inclined to overcompensate for all the flak it's taking.


That's great.  Two years is not long enough and perfectly good, so you can just stay signed up for the next decade waiting in non-stop anticipation for the rest of it.

This comment was so bad you literally caused me to scroll up and see if I was posting on again.

And I was.


And I lose what exactly by keeping it on an off-hand list I don't actively check more than once a year or so...?

But no worries, I don't honestly care about your opinions on what I do anyway.


The developer has ruined this and turned it into a dismal flop of a game.

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A lack of updates does not 'ruin' the game - what exists does not change. It just means the people who wanted more are dissatisfied and start whining in the comments section. *shrugs*

If you want to say it ruins anything - it'd be the dev's chance to make money from his game since a good portion of his target audience will have started ignoring the game title if he really does release a big update later.


You obviously don't know what you are talking about.  Try creating a game and letting it sit unattended for 12 months, and see if anyone is still jumping up and down over it.  Then let it sit for 3 years, and see if you can actually build or keep any support after wrecking your reputation.


Again, that only hurts the dev's pockets - not anyone who finds the game and decides to play it.

Can't nobody find it if it's abandoned and forgotten about because it is not active.  Nobody cares about abandoned games.


The test releases he keeps mentioning are patrician-tier-only beta-releases. Who seem to have been actually released at times, but never to the public at large. So no luck for you unlikable freeloaders.

 Next public version is 0.4 but won't be out for (...some time?). Which is also when Patreon charges will resume.

I've also verified Patreon charges are effectively paused atm - so yea, there goes you guys' meaningless hate parade without a leg to stand on.

Internet trolls ffs...


You have been dismissed from this playground due to your inability to sway others and sucker people into donating money to your misguided fantasies, so you are projecting again.  Time to move on.


uh-huh. feel free to move on.


t hen I suggest you get the fuck outta here with this shitty half assed barely legible patron filled piece of shit.  Omg what a piece of shit, don't waste ur time.


get a life you pathetic dweeb.

Apparently this comment was deemed too brutal by the creator he just couldn’t bring himself to continue


These "tech releases" have been promised for nearly a year and a half but nobody has ever seen one, patrician tier or otherwise.  Try to keep up.


Has anyone actually ever saw one of these?  I dropped the patron scam before 0.3.1 and never saw the first one and it's been one fake news post after another since.


They have been mentioned over the past two or three years, but no nobody has ever gotten one.  They don't exist.


Then why the hell is anybody even bringing up test updates that never existed?

Some people on this page need to get a damn clue.


Because they are dumb and don't know anything about games.




You know this from Patrician-tier Patrons, or you are just assuming this while not knowing any patrician-tier Patrons? 

If they are Patrons, have they tried sending a message to the dev to ask if they can get the test version? Beta releases are often on-demand only.


Sure.  Why don't you go do just that, ask the man himself.  Then get back with us with his timely response.  I'm not wasting my time.


Maybe after I actually get around to clearing all current content - be a bit awkward to ask for a beta version if I've only gone through one of the (three or more?) currently available paths lol.



Here it is, ladies and gents.  Here is the massive update for this month.

Get your barf bags ready.

Coming soon, expect it soon, excuses.
The trifecta of caustic dumbassery.

Monthly Update: Carry-on Baggage Edition

Time flies and September is nearly ending, so it's time for another monthly update! The final tech test release is hopefully coming out soon(ish). I have to track down some bugs I encountered when using Ren'Py's rewind/replay system. Managing complex state properly through those transitions can get tricky. Other than that, no news (which is good). All has been said and done in the previous updates, I'll just have to crawl through the finish line at some point and get 0.4 out of the door. Expect a test release at some point when I have sorted out those few remaining bugs.

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Test-releases are what gets released to the 9-dollar tier patreons. Nothing ever mentioned any public updates before 0.4's general release. Which is future music.


As others have already said, you do not have a clue about, well anything.  There have never been any test releases, and I'm not wasting my time on you explaining it.


At the end of the month, the simps are distributed out and all show up to talk about what an astronomical update just dropped, so astronomical it'll be out next month.  Every time.

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meh, I'll just tag as follow and see what happens.
Not like I'll be quite as on the edge of my seat about it as some people here seem to be lmao.

Still... it can't be a 'patreon scam' if there are no charges on Patreon... so meh.


There is not a barf bag big enough to hold that epic steaming pile.

Deleted 4 days ago

Crawl through the finish line?  More like somebody dragging a corpse that has been dead for 3 years across the finish line.


That would be congruent with there still being a product left, and I'm not convinced there even is at this point.  Game's dead and done.  That's just the facts.  


People on the patron page still believe this is being worked on.  Keep up the great work?  What a bunch of idiots.


Generic names.  Generic responses.  A blank profile and the fact nobody with a functioning brain impulse would post that moronic garbage praising something that has been in the works for 2 years with regurgitated excuses.

That's not a patron.  That's probably the dev using a junk account to post on his own page.

What would be the point? His patreon account isn't charging any money atm. It would be a waste of the effort to dump perfectly good garbage.

it's far more likely that he got a little too ambitious in redoing everything from scratch while only really working on it as a hobby after a full-time job.


these updates have been a giant turd for the biggest portion of this game.


The whole monthly post render bullshit is just a giant sham to stay known while he fingers his asshole each month.  He's working on this while rebuilding everything?  Bullshit.  He's holding on to the few newbs who continue joining his page while he works behind the curtain on another project.



There is always next month.  And the next month.  And the month after.  And then there is always next year.

And the year after.


I actually feel pretty bad for the dead horse at this point.


Don't worry.  It'll be drug out and beat to death all over again next month when stencil slings his monthly shit on the wall.


Latest monthly incel post is now up.  I can't read it, because it is only exclusively available to the resident rump kissers.

Just more probably-possibly goalpost moving cuck shit.


yupper.  everybody got cucked again this month, but the all the morons be like "ooooh, it's coming soon so I'll sign up again next month" after reading the latest dung that promises it again next month.


Literally NO ONE CARES about his post.

Time to ice out this dev.  Do not post in or like his Patreon posts, just leave them to rot.


Nobody does post anything.  Everyone on every site is laughing at this train wreck.  I would be embarassed to be this guy.


I would be embarrassed to be you.

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I would be embarassed to have my head so far up the creator's anus that it is impossible to tell where he ends and you begin.

Right, Because I even care about the creator. 

My posts are 99% out of dislike for the general attitude here rather than having anything to do with the game or dev.


1. You cannot speak for others.

2. If you actually didn't care you would not be here trolling the comments.


A difference of opinion is not trolling, and you weren't even aware of that word until you were accused of it.  So congratulations.  You managed to actually learn a new word and expand your otherwise rather limited vocabulary. 

... uh-huh. (Is this guy twelve?)


This has to be one of the biggest pieces of garbage here.  Totally pathetic.   Month after month, year after year.  It's a safe bet he doesn't even still have the thing and is trying to stay relevant until he can launch his next game he will kick to the corner after a year.


You guys really have nothing better to do than hate on a free game's dev huh?

If it turns out his Patreon is actually paused, you guys do realize how silly this whole hate parade of yours is gonna end up looking right?


Another complete trash post.

If you had bothered to actually look at the last time this was updated, simple question, do tell us when it was last updated?  Then tell us more about who looks silly thinking it's just right around the corner.

But overall, don't feel too bad when you finally do go look.  I'm sure those of you still waiting and signing up, hanging on every word that pops up each month can easily find acceptance with the bronies.


If this free game ever gets updated by the dev - whom you aren't paying - during his free time after his actual job... good. 

If not... shame, would've been fun. End of story. 

But yea - feel free to cry about it if you can't help yourself.



been "paused" since august 2019.  actually before that as that was the last fake news update that added absolutely nothing.  but that don't matter, as reading all your comments below you are obviously here to make excuses.  so when you get ur pile of monthly excuses and procrastination, you will know you are getting ur money's and time worth.


uh-huh... So... how much did you pay for this free game that you feel so very entitled...?

People who just hate on someone who's making a game as a hobby in their free time after work because they want more of it are such a nuisance.


this whole comment is just dumb.  you act as if he is somehow still making and releasing anything, when he obviously isnt.  not since 2019.  you think the complaints are bad because of the lack of updates and continuous excuses?  you are either trolling or just don't know anything about games.

I'll take trolling for $800 Alex.

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Better pay him then.

I just dislike random internet trolls like you and am not too shy to respond in kind.

Also, which part of lacking game knowledge even relates to updates...? Cause the only issue any of you seem to have is that you want MORE.


Well, September is drawing to a close and the latest and greatest Stencilbits monthly update is just right around the corner.

Aren't you guys excited?  I know I am, as I can't wait to roll my eyes out of their socket when he tells us about how far he has been set back after his latest disasterous meltdown, seeing as how things have been "mostly ready for 0.4" since the end of May after looking good enough to be ready February 19th after fighting 0.4 to the finish line in Novemeber 2021 and then after coming soon since April 2020.


Any update should go straight into the trash.  Worthless garbage.

Honestly, it is more of an echo chamber.  I guess if the sound of bullshit reverberating in your ears excites you, then stay tuned.


Excited?  No.  Curious what this month's reasoning behind yet another delay to be added on top the other endless delays, or where the goal post has been moved to this time?  Absolutely.



guessing he goes back and rewrites everything he already rewrote, or maybe decides to finally get a life and move out of the basement.


I doubt this lazy ass creator is going to move out of the basement.  That would require him to actually get a job and quit relying on handouts, and as many as he says he goes through, that's not going to happen.

Deleted 9 days ago

Betting nobody ever even saw the alleged test version.  Literally one of the shittiest creators out there. Just remove this lying shit from the site, it's a tragedy.


it's cos devs only write what they know, and this one doesn't know anything except how to swindle the patreons.


Stencilbits was too busy rewriting the game and rebuilding his fried computer, changing careers, moving all over the world, and sending relentless monthly alerts pimping new release dates that never arrive for any of that this month, so he'll see you again next month.


When the game did those tests at the start and then went <"that was it"> I totally thought 'Ahh, now I get all the complaining.' You guys set my expectations too damn low xD.

Bit choppy writing in the prologue. (I have feeling > I have a feeling etc).

The mouth and eyes on the moving pictures somehow... shifts? That would work so much better for a scary horror story xD

There are a number of random time skips with no real warning or context - that can feel a bit jarring.

On a more positive note, I rather like the art, it feels original - or has something to it that I haven't seen in similar games. 

The writing does improve after the intro. The swaying characters grew on me after a while too and the character building / story itself is pretty good.

I didn't get to the end of the current version in one sitting. Overall, I'd say just what I've seen so far is already much better than many of the games I've played before have ever gotten so updates or no - the negativity here is way overkill. 

Maybe it isn't the gmichael guy who's on someone's payroll eh...?

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You mean you havent even played it and you also apparently don't even know what the complaints are about



So another con artist and shill from patreon turned up on the board.



Must be fun assuming everyone who disagrees with you is a con artist. Makes life so much easier.


The fact you are here rabidly defending a game that has not moved an inch since 2019 tells me all I need to know.


the patreons are just trash from the same dumpster and also it's what happens when you can't figure out when you are being lied to.  at this point they don't need an update, they need psychiatric help

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I played it for +/- three hours between my first and second post. The only info I have on past events is the hate-rant in here which is rarely objective, So I just took a look at the game as it is for myself, without considering future updates - since those seem to not be coming if you guys are to be believed.


Appreciate your angst in feeling controlled. Myself not concerned or in agreement. Suggest you evaluate your position in your hobby and set another plan in motion.

Look at him trying to be cryptic. 

It's Cute.

All patron posts here are from Never Never Land, Patreon is the Playground of Peter Pan.  I understand your monthly donation to Patreon now results in your spending time and monies posting cartoons of sheep and exercising your preconceived fantasy, and the dev appreciates your continued contributions to his unemployment fund.

Well the playground here never disappoints and entertains. Time to get back to reality and leave this never never land.

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There's so much complaining going on here now I just have to see for myself how bad this could possibly be ^^

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It is funny how you all keep saying it is dead and abandoned when the dude puts out updates every month.  It is being worked on, so don't like it then gfy nobody cares.

He pahses the patreon each month and doesnt take payments.


I guess this is what all the millennials and smartphone kids who only ever read about games on the internet think what updating anything actually looks like.

Sad world.


that was the most autistic garbage posted so far.


No shit.  The dude is working on it every morning noon and night and has a release coming next month for 36 months straight.

I am dumber from heaving read that garbage.


He's not working on anything.  And even if he is, who the hell cares at this point.  Games that go 12 months with no updates are dead.  Games that go 3 years?  Nobody will care about it.


Will anybody even remember it?  LOL!


trying to read this shit made my eyes bleed and what kinda dumbass puts only an half assed fuck fest like this up every month and thinks he is doing a good job


Make ur own game then


Get a damn life and stop patrolling the comment pages and defending a dev that doesn’t give a fuck about you, unless you are the dev in which it doesn’t come as a surprise that you’d go to such length to defend your trash.


Rather than making his own game, he needs a tutorial on how to leave a proper negative review.

This one is far too personal and doesn't have a grain of constructive criticism or areas to improve upon, which means it gets discarded as random trash-talk from a hater, regardless of the game being good or bad.


so says the random guy who cant even be bothered to reply to the correct post.  i never said anything about making games.
go sit down.


Or maybe, people are tired of hearing regurgitated excuses month after month after month from a guy who clearly doesn't even have any interest in his game at this point.

That's what some people call a clue.  But this is and literally the land and home of the blind leading the blind which is why we have clueless comments like this.


this game is dead due to a dev who decided to start on another project while keeping the rotting corpse of this one alive so he can keep whatever are still dumb enough to pay for it.  this place is full of fucking trash games and fucking trash devs.  TRASH!

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I'm pretty sure the Patreon page mentions it's on Hiatus - so no payments are actually billed until it's status changes back to 'active'...

EDIT: I'm not actually sure about that, seems to have changed a couple times? Ask one of the 144 People still in it if they're being billed I guess?

Looked it up in his most recent post, it's clearly intended to be paused anyway:

"And as always, I'm not going to take any Patreon payments until 0.4 is out (I'll temporarily suspend my Patreon at the end of each month until then)."

Joined on the 1-dollar tier out of sheer curiosity - I'll know for sure if it's got payments paused by the end of the month ;P

PS: That last line was utterly unnecessary. Itch is a free community, *most* games here - including this one - are available for free and anyone who feels so inclined can post their creations on it. The quality of the devs - and their work - is in no way guaranteed and should be judged on individual basis.

the patron page mentions each month every month it is in developement.  i know it is hard but try to keep up, that has gone on for YEARS.

and you joined the patreon anyway?  LOLOLOL!!!!!

do tell me more about the patrons and it coming soon while you stay signed up for months and months and months while the same garbage is puked up every month.  this is comedy gold


This dev is a liar and a scammer with just copy and paste excuses.


Holy hell, why are so many people in this comment section such absolute pricks? I understand you don’t wanna wait for stuff to get updated but things like this take time and it is being continued as there was an update a few days ago.  Is that so hard to understand?


And you know this how?  Did you hear it from Patreon?  It must be true if you heard it there.  Happen to go back through 3 years of other coming soon posts before you arrived at this conclusion???


Because that's what his handlers told him to come here and post. 


What handlers?  There was an update posted by stencilbits like a week ago.


Yet here you are, called in by your paid trolling buddies and bots.

Are you another shill that has been assigned this comment page to tell us all about how the game is being worked on and developed nonstop?


No, he's a dumbass.  Not even a bot would be able to come up with that blabbering dogshit.


Updated game? Wtf is wrong with you? It hasn't been touched in years.


The dev is pausing payments each month and he just did an update on the status.


Riiiiiiiiiiiight, which is why it has been dead for the past several years.  When it actually gets updated and not some reworded Patreon post nobody even reads, then I'll believe you.

Until then, stencilbits can just live rent free in your head with his monthly bunk.


Did your troll buddies call for reinforcements?



they do this bs every month, and it's "that time of the month" again.

Apparently it is. Oh well - better things to do, probably shouldn't have even bothered.


the dev is now promising a release in september.

it's coming soon.  get ready for it...


Hello dev.

Can we see the next latest monthly update so we can laugh and make fun of it?

Deleted 30 days ago

world class trash update at best.  no wonder this garbage failed.  he cant even be bothered to write an actual update and just copies the last month.

Deleted 29 days ago

game is abandoned.  it is not coming


What a fucking waste of time this is.  It's the devs first game so we allow it to be trash?  No, the dev is trash.  Let's highlight how bad it is and ridicule the shit dev until he fucks off with his utterly ridiculous and trashy updates and does something that doesn't annoy humanity so much.


Angry much?


This guy here gets it.


I truly pity anyone living in a cartoon reality and still waiting for this game to actually materialize and get released.


don't mind me.

i'm just here for the traditional monthly nothing burger.


Oh no what a tragedy, how will we survive without another monthly update of a dog pile???  Sure hope nobody steps in it.


And, every air humping incel on the block that still thinks this is still being worked on is now on Patreon jerking off in anticipation as they desperately try to hit puberty before the monthly update arrives, because you know, the next update already has all the makings of another inceltastic Stencilbits classic; a big nothing, more excuses, and dumb patrons still beating off to every word posted.


yeah big shame this is abandoned with a dev that continually lies about it. how will we cope with such a loss?


Stencilcucks officially abandoned in May 2019 after the last ghost update.

So the original dev has been gone for years and people here are blaming him for someone's Patreon sham with an abandoned game essentially? Sounds about like the world I know.

The original dev has been gone for years and still posting bullshit on patreon, pimping out monthly renders and other junk while lying to his patrons.  That is a sham, yes, I agree.


Patron posts is total garbage, all fake and stupid.  I don't even bother to read them anymore as I end up picking my nose and eating boogers.  It makes me that retarded.


The Patreon dumbs all be like


if you value your time, you will not waste it waiting around for this garbage to be resurrected.


What’s wrong with trash, bruh? One man’s trash is another man’s garbage. Oh, never mind.


Some of you on the dimmer side need to get off the crayon diet.  Nobody is working on this game anymore.

He's been saying that it's been coming since around spring of 2020.  That's what some call a clue.

All he does is posts a new dumb splash screen each month which is very interesting that he supposedly has a dead PC but is still able to produce those renders, but again some people are just nerds who only read about games online and don't know when devs are ripping them off with some dumb new garbage rendering method or whatever nerdtastic BS is the flavor of the week that goes on for years.

There must be a new flavor of crayon out that he feeds his patrons.


Latest dev monthly bowel movement has appeared on Patreon.  I didn't even bother to read the usual steaming pile.

But it's always amusing to see him hard at work posting new pointless monthly art garbage while never actually doing anything with the game.


hes only been constipated with this game for 3 years, so what do u expect


Let me translate this months patreon post and update.

It says, Hello dumbasses.  It's time once again for another monthly update in which I do absolutely nothing but ramble on about stupid mundane shit about how I fried my Windows 95 or stubbed my foot or my cat died or my brain decomposed and rotted and the game's release date has been moved to next month even though I haven't done anything on it in nearly 36 months.  But feel free to become a patron so I can waste even more of your time next month.

This thing is still sitting in the same shape it was since I last posted here nearly two years ago.


Maybe for his next game he can make a color and size parody of bowel movements, because that's about all he's good at giving anybody.


I eagerly await a new month's lie and excuse.  Maybe he'll post how he was putting his busted POS computer back together and then realized he was trying to put batteries in his toaster, and it took him the whole month to figure out what exactly he was doing wrong.


stencilbits is obviously putting out BS or just doesn't have a clue.  When he says he needs to download TERABYTES of data from a backup to fix anything then the odds are nearly 100% that he both doesn't know anything about computers and also complete BS.


Well, the latest polished turd just dropped on patreon.

Basically a fresh pile of barf reworded from last month.


You mean... he posted more monthly art bullshit?


here's the latest post from his patreon

Another month is ending, which means it's time for the traditional monthly update! Hardware issues are now all fixed and I have been re-creating some content and renders that self-destructed along with my hard drive. Fortunately, there were not many of them, as most were backed up.
So, good news! Things are mostly ready for release 0.4 again! I have learned not to make any promises, but I should be able to press that "Build Release" button soon. I'll probably give the script a proofreading pass or two and see if I spot any other issues, but so far things are looking good. Expect another update after next weekend or so!
And as always, I'm not going to take any Patreon payments until 0.4 is out (I'll temporarily suspend my Patreon at the end of each month until then).
The rest of the post is mostly copied from my previous updates for those who are new or want to be reminded of what will be coming next. See you in the next post, thanks for your support and patience!
So, TL;DR:
* Next release 0.4 will have Alice's full storyline.
* Some new tech in 0.4: interactive 3D and pre-rendered movies, at least a few of each. When I get the pipeline (and my skills) working smoothly, next releases should have more.
* After 0.4 I will try out a bit faster release schedule with partial updates instead of releasing large, complete routes that take ages to finish. We'll see how it goes.
* Steam release at some point after 0.4 is out. Steam has been pretty random with adult games, so who knows what can happen.


That idiot must think people are literally waiting around on tenterhooks to read his monthly clown shoe claptrap.

Already talking about next releases and he can't even get one that was coming soon since 3 years ago out.  What a joke.

Deleted 125 days ago

The dev has painted himself into a corner with all these excuses.  He is now wearing paint cans as shoes trying to cover up all his tracks that he is not working on the game anymore, probably aiming to keep whatever few patrons he has left when he launches another garbage game that he dumps after the first release.


this game has been coming "soon" since around august 2020.



This game has been coming "no time soon" since August 2020.




Game's abandoned.  Other sites are listing it as abandoned.

Note the last modified date.

Game lasted just a whole year before the dev tossed it aside.  


Soooo.... Another month past from April release date, still no update.

What will be the official excuse for the month of June that all his patron buttplugs come here to pimp and shill?


But, but, but, it's coming soon, believe you me!  He promised us all 3 years ago.

He is probably busy circle jerking whatever morons are still lapping up his garbage.


some dumb fake news bot will be along shortly to tell us all how the dev is working night and day on it and it'll be ready next month.


You'd think after 2 years of lies on patreon most people would have caught on by now.

Go read this Dev's patreon.  One excuse after another.  His last "update" was his computer died and he's having to rebuild.  JFC.

Maybe next month he'll post about his dog eating his hard drive.


In case anyone still hasn't figured it out yet after going on 3 years.


"The abandoned tag will be removed once the developer releases an update. It got marked abandoned because the game has reached the threshold of 1.5 years of no game update despite of updates from the developer."

Patreon had an update a week ago, dev hasn't abandoned the game yet.


Uh huh.

I suppose we'll be getting that update "soon" because that is what the Patreon said, so it must be true.


Honestly, don't know, but the game hasn't been officially abandoned yet, far as I know.


Which obviously ain't very far.


It's ashame this was abandoned. It's an amazing Visual Novel.



Where are all the Patreon shills who said there would be a 0.4 update last year?


On his Patron site, he said he was suspending taking payments until .4 is released (which he says will be April.)


Deleted 136 days ago

april was last month.

now back to the regularly scheduled ass kissing of this useless dev.


Are you planning to make more game like this, dude?

Deleted 242 days ago

So I checked the Patreon link and he did post on Aug 30 so who knows whats up. I wouldn't give my till i see more updates but that's just me. 

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Yeah, he only posts every month but never bothers to actually deliver.

But that's OK.  Dead games thrive on this site.  They also apparently even get recommended.


I think the game didn't dead  it's just the last version no more update this is just the end of the game and I think the game have 5 ends all I did find in the game I try to see if the game have another end or not


Game ended 2 years ago when the dev abandoned this shit.

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Yes I know but the people think the game Dead coz no update for 2 years people don't know the dev abandoned the game and think he going to update the game to 0.4.0

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I played this game since the start of quarantine and replayed it just for good times and I love every minute of the game,but the only thing I don't like (not hate) is the ending,cuz breaking up with the girl you (MC) chosed in the first place and ending into a break up cuz of "problems",dev please make the breaking up thing a alternate ending or something


there is multiple endings.


Still no update.

But, but, the patreon butt munchers promised us it was being worked on and that an update was imminent... all the way back in April.

The game and idea had potential.  Unfortunately, this dev does not.

As much as I would have liked to see a Kate storyline, I'm not willing to wait years and years on end for it.  So this game is now going in the dumpster of other abandoned and failed experiments.

Back on August 30th he made a post on patreon that the 0.4 update is coming, with some changes, and he suspended his patreon till the update is out, i think it is really coming out now.


That's because you are gullible, and this was 9 months ago. 


I came here on after a long, long time, and remembered offcuts. Initially, I had a little hope that the game has been updated, but that moron still fooling with us with all those excuses on patreon, for real, I'm full of this sh*t.

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Here is a pro tip for you to help stop you from further reducing your already lacking IQ: 

When a game has gone 12+ months with no update...  IT IS A DEAD GAME.

This game has not be updated... SINCE 2019.  That's TWO YEARS.

And you people think this game is still alive?

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 While going in I wasn't expecting something like Echo, The Smoke Room or DDLC  (just a example) it done it's job as a solid read. Outside of the issues here and there the story works and did it's job as a NSFW VN. The characters were enjoyable, some funny moments, and designs are well done. It's definitely not 10/10 but I would recommend if you have some spare time and want a easy read. Shame that some people reviewing never looked at Stencilbits patreon page, he clearly states multiple times he was working on the entire chapter at one go and changing to 3D with some animation. So it's understandable it wasn't released next day, especially with it being one person. I'll give Stencilbits the benefit of the doubt and say he really is working and is closer to being done, if not guess I'll eat my words. Either way I'll still be downloading when version 4 comes out.

the games dead..but i loved it so much so many good scenes and girls..bring it back


Almost an entire year in between updates and I was even thinking of subbing to the devs patreon if there were updates, but wow a whole year that tells you the game is never getting finished.


lmao you are just now figuring that out?  i figured that out 2 years ago, and you still going to consider donating to the dev's jobless benefits.  not very bright are we?

I can't vouch for why it is taking this long but I can say the DEV suspends his Patreon memberships every month until V0.4 comes out. So basically he won't charge anyone until there is new content. It has been this way for over a year. 

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A very enjoyable game! Too little choices tho, reading so much is annoying after a while. I love the pictures and animations tho!


A garbage game that is aging like molasses. After 3 years this only has a handful of routes that are rewrote copies of the first.  Sex scenes are an absolute quagmire of terrible.  Story isnt even that good, something for adolescents, so not like the only quality it really had left is enough to carry this massive failure to greatness.  The total neglect and lack of maintenance has already rendered this thing a relic of the past.  Only the patreon fanboys still care about it.


this is just a crap story with non-animated sex scenes.  meh, for betas that like to be ridiculed by cheap underage prostitutes.


more like underage schoolgirls.  game for pervs


After reading this I have chosen not to play u did ur job mr.umofo. (Iam not an admin)


Yes I know, you are quite terrible at posing as an admin.  

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